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Business Tips

How To Calculate Your Break-Even Points and Return On Investment When Purchasing A Business.

Ever felt like investing is a bit of a gamble?

Whether it’s playing the stock market or diving into real estate, it’s like a strategic game. But here’s the twist – buying a business is often overlooked as the ultimate challenge. 🏢💼

If you’ve ever wondered how to decode the ROI puzzle in business, I’ve got you covered!

Check out our latest Business Tip of the Week for a simplified guide. Let’s turn your business investment into a winning game plan! 🚀📈

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Ask Us Anything

When is the right time to start tax planning in your business?

Crafting an effective tax strategy may not be the flashiest part of managing a business, but it’s undeniably one of the most critical.

So, when should you start planning your business tax strategy?

Well, the simple answer is: yesterday!

Most business owners think they need to be of a certain size to start planning for taxed and executing on complex and strategic tax planning.

However, I can promise you that even the smallest business can benefit from some simple tax strategy – and the benefit is that you get to keep more money in your pocket earlier!

The ideal time to kickstart your tax strategy isn’t linked to hitting a specific revenue or profit milestone; it’s about getting in the game from the very inception of your business journey. Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned player, being proactive with your tax planning is your secret sauce for financial success.

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Legal Briefing

How to Find a Business to Buy

Toronto business and franchise lawyer, Sukhi Hansra, of Hansra Law, discusses how to find a business to buy in Toronto or Ontario. Looking for your

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Legal Briefing

How to Purchase an Existing Business

Toronto business and technology lawyer, Sukhi Hansra, of Hansra Law, discusses the key steps and considerations in buying an existing business. Whether acquiring an up-and-coming competitor

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Legal Briefing

Asset Purchase vs Share Purchase

At the heart of all business transactions are two main methods of buying or selling a business: the asset purchase transaction and the share purchase transaction. Each method has its own positives and negative business, financial and tax implications.

Deciding between an asset purchase and a share purchase is a complicated matter. Each of these methods has different benefits and drawbacks for the buyer and seller.

Typically, sellers prefer to sell shares to limit their liability in the sale of the business.

Buyers prefer to only purchase the assets of the seller’s business, so that the buyer does not take have to take on any liabilities and responsibilities of the seller’s business.

The ultimate consideration may often come down to the liability risk and tax consequences of each method.

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