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Private Equity & Investments Sophisticated, fast-paced and global, the opportunities provided by private equity have seen it outpace other forms of investment.

small woman making investments in private equity on a large laptop

With private equity deal values at record highs, clients look to close many challenging and ground-breaking transactions to maintain their competitive advantage.

Every investment is multi-faceted and we recognize the importance of a seamless approach. From financing to regulation and corporate structuring to employee incentivisation, we help our clients to implement innovative strategies across all types of private equity transactions.  Our involvement does not end with a successful acquisition, we advise our clients throughout the lifecycle of the investment and on to their eventual exit.

Underpinning our ability to deliver complex and innovative transactions is a close-knit culture with strength at all levels. This quality extends to our national network. By handpicking the most appropriate independent local counsel on each matter, we ensure our clients receive pragmatic and commercial advice for every facet of their investment.

The industry continues to evolve and we play a significant part in actively monitoring it. Our strong business, management and investment background contribute to keeping us at the forefront of the market.

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