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Technology Law Handling The Most Complex Technology Matters And Technology Sector Mandates Requires Agility And Creativity.

As a business and technology law firm, what we do best is to help businesses find their way in the corporate world and make the most of their ideas and innovations. In short, we are business advisers with unique legal skills.

As a business and technology law firm, our goal is simple. We commit to our clients that we are in this for the long term. Developing relationships and gaining an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses ensures that the advice we give is tailored to your needs.

From providing strategic advice on commercial contracts to enforcing your rights when your business needs it the most, our Toronto technology lawyers advise on a wide range of business and commercial arrangements. We deliver robust advice that manage risk and allow your organization to operate effectively and reach its strategic goals.

Some of the Technology Law services that we regularly offer to our clients include:

  1. Technology Contract. Our corporate lawyers advise businesses on the risks and opportunities that lie within existing commercial contracts. These include liability, scope, exclusivity and termination triggers, to name a few.
  2. Technology Advice. No matter how hard you may try, business doesn’t always remain clear. When you’re facing uncertainty, we offer solutions that help you take control of the narrative. From the smallest regulatory concern to the most complex, our technology lawyers have the scale and breadth of experience to take on any concern and, in partnership with you, resolve it successfully. 
  3. Corporate Advisory. Navigating legal and regulatory obligations can be daunting, particularly in an ever-changing business landscape. From the duties of directors through to wider matters of corporate governance, our corporate lawyers in Toronto advise on the specific obligations relevant to each individual situation.
  4. Employment Law. We regularly partner with clients on all areas of employment law and people management – from senior executive appointments and departures, to business immigration, restructuring and compensation. 
  5. Software Licensing. Understanding the technology behind your business is every bit as important as the legal advice and assistance that our lawyers provide. We commit to learning our clients’ business and technology foundation to provide well-thought and strategic legal advice to your technology business.
  6. Capitalizing on Innovation. As a business and technology law, their way in the corporate world and make the most of their ideas and innovations. In short, we are not just lawyers. We are business and technology advisors with unique legal skills.

To learn more about our Technology Law practices, feel free to visit the specific practice area page below.

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