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Raising Capital and Finance Finance underpins every business in every sector.

two blue business lawyers negotiating a finance deal

From direct lending to risk management, there are an increasing number of lending structures and complex financial instruments available, with a wide range of purposes. Using them effectively can be critical to business success.

Offering proactive advice, Hansra Law drives the best terms for our clients. From leveraged and acquisition finance, vendor take-back finance, loan transactions, real estate finance, restructuring and insolvency, and derivatives and structured products, our experience and versatility guarantees clients a first-class service that embraces both technical quality and commercial awareness.

Working with all key parties to finance transactions means our Finance Practice is relevant across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors. Whether private equity and financial sponsors, banks and financial institutions, corporate borrowers, investors, fund managers, and turnaround and insolvency practitioners, our clients always benefit from working with our integrative approach.

Maintaining this balanced approach across the spectrum of finance clients allows us to quickly identify the key legal and commercial points on any transaction. This insight enables us to find pragmatic and workable solutions to your finance needs.

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