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Partnerships & Joint Ventures When a client asks us to advise on a Partnership or Joint Venture (JV), we know how important its success is.

Our advice is always practical, succinct and commercial. Understanding the risks, rewards and potential pitfalls of complex, high-value Partnership or JV is second nature to us.

Our appreciation of how JVs and strategic partnerships operate allows us to put robust legal structures in place.

Combining our corporate and commercial contracts experience, we can provide the perfect combination of legal expertise and commercial insight. This allows us to advise on all matters throughout the formation and lifecycle of the Partnership or JV including all the commercial arrangements that sit alongside it.

We can advise clients on a broad range of sectors, including real estate, infrastructure, leisure and hospitality, and technology, on all forms of JVs and strategic partnerships, from collaboration agreements through to full corporate structures.

We also regularly advise on issues relating to management and control, related party contracts, change of ownership, termination and exit.


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