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Hire Employees or Contractors Employment Relations Are The Drivers Of Any Good Business.

business lawyer in a blue suit reading employment agreements on a large purple laptop

We partner with clients on all areas of employment law and people management – from senior executive appointments and departures, business immigration, restructuring and compensation.

What sets us apart is our relationship-focused approach and the type of advice we provide. We get to know our clients well by having dedicated client teams and long-standing relationships. Clients often see us as an extension of their HR team. This enables us to provide clients with tailored recommendations, based on our knowledge of their business and their approach to risk. We never sit on the fence. We pride ourselves on giving brave employment advice which is solutions-focused, innovative and challenging.

Our Employment Law practice group services national corporations to smaller private companies. This mix is important to us: it means we see how techniques that work in one industry can be adapted to suit another.

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