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Franchising We Are Always Excited About Our Client's Growth Opportunities.

Franchising provides a clear and well-trodden path to enable brand owners to expand without the often significant burden of capital investment and for investors to join, and share in the success of, an already established brand. As an experienced business and franchise law firm in Toronto, Hansra Law's franchise lawyers can be trusted to help you make the most of these opportunities, whatever side of the table you are sitting on.

As an experienced franchise law firm in Toronto, Hansra Law provides a wide range of services for both franchisors and franchisees. We take a clear and practical approach to our client’s needs, ensuring that we understand the business plan and offer advice best suited for their commercial goals. Our specialised lawyers have extensive experience and specific expertise in this area, and will support and enhance your business plans every step of the way.

Services for Franchisors
From preparing your franchise agreement to managing your national expansion, our franchise lawyers help our clients with the ever-increasing demands of running a successful franchise.
Franchising your business
As experienced franchise lawyers, we help our clients take the next step with their successful business enterprise. Establishing a franchise to expand your business can be both an exciting and rewarding experience. Hansra Law advises on all aspects in franchising your business. This can include our client’s business structure and format, franchise strategy and preparation of key contracts, such as the franchise agreement and franchise disclosure package. 
Disputes with franchisees
Should a dispute arise with a franchisee, our client’s can feel comfortable knowing that they have experienced commercial litigation lawyers in their corner as well. Whether you are looking to renegotiate the terms of your franchise agreements, seek compensation for losses, or respond to a complaint, our franchise lawyers work collaboratively with our commercial litigation group to find an agreeable and cost-effective solution.
Franchise properties
Depending on the structure of your franchise network, you may need to acquire properties or be party to a lease agreement. As a full service business and franchise law firm in Toronto, our lawyers work collaboratively throughout this process. We regularly advise on the suitability of properties, negotiate lease documents, advise on leasehold structures and subleases with franchisees, and represent your interests in any property matter.
Sale and exit from franchise
With a wealth of experience in buying and selling established franchise networks, our corporate services team will support you through the transaction, from the initial planning stages to completing the sale.
Managing your successful franchise
The goal of most franchisors is to create a continuously growing business, but expanding numbers of franchisees can often raise further issues. Our franchise lawyers guide our clients through this business journey, assisting with everything from organizational changes to franchise resales. Our goal is simple – to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.
Services for Franchisees
Becoming a franchisee is a great opportunity to manage a business with the security of an established brand and the support of a client network. With a breadth of experience in franchise law, our franchise lawyers are ready to assist our clients in a wide range of franchise ventures, and throughout your journey as a franchisee.
Franchise agreement reviews
Purchasing a franchise provides an opportunity to manage a business backed by an established brand that is ready for success. However, the first step is to thoroughly review your franchise agreement and franchise disclosure package to fully understand the relationship you are getting into. A franchise disclosure package is an important document that must disclose the fundamentals of the franchise you are purchasing, such as the estimated cost of starting the franchise, the estimated revenues and the amount of royalties you must pay to the franchisor in exchange for  business support. Our franchise lawyers have a breadth of experience reviewing franchise agreements and franchise disclosure package, and are ready to provide you with clear and practical advice.
Purchase or sale of franchise business
A common way to obtain a franchise business is to purchase a new franchise directly from a franchisor. However, purchasing an existing franchise business from a current franchisee is an easy way to gain instant access to an existing client base, work force and transactional history. Most franchise agreements give franchisees the right to sell the business – subject to conditions set out by the original franchisor – and our franchise lawyers are always ready and willing to lend their expertise to both buyers and sellers throughout this process.
Franchisees and property
Acquiring a new franchise business will required you to obtain a suitable property from which to transact business from. As a full service business and franchise law firm in Toronto, our clients receive a full range of franchise real estate services, negotiating and advising on acquisition of lease properties, license permissions, and built outs.
Disputes with franchisors
Should a dispute arise with our client’s franchisor or landlord, our experienced commercial litigation and franchise dispute lawyers are on hand to provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and set out your options moving forward. We strive to protect our client’s interests while reaching a cost-effective solution.

Our franchise lawyers have a breadth of experience to ensure we will always be able to provide you with tailored and pragmatic advice. Our expertise also enables us to advise not only in relation to franchising needs, but on all commercial aspects of your business. Our franchise lawyers are always on hand to assist with strategic and business critical arrangements ranging from supply and logistic contracts to acquisition financing.

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