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Business and Corporate Law Business Support For When Your Company Needs It The Most.

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As a corporate law firm, we appreciate that the routine affairs of your business are equally important. Building and maintaining your company in a complex legal and regulatory environment can be a challenge. Our Business Law practice group will help guide you through every step with clear and practical advice, designed to minimize risk and keep your business on track.

Navigating legal and regulatory obligations can be daunting, particularly in an ever-changing business landscape. From the duties of directors through to wider matters of corporate governance, our corporate lawyers in Toronto advise on the specific obligations relevant to each individual situation. Our dedicated corporate advisory expertise embedded within our wider Corporate Law Group focuses on providing tailored, practical advice to fully support the lifecycle of our corporate clients. Our corporate law firm’s ongoing support to both listed and private clients, and their group companies draws on specialist advice from practice areas across the firm resulting in a consistent multi-disciplinary approach.

The best performing companies do not stand still and we appreciate that maximizing operations can require change. Our corporate lawyers in Toronto advise on a range of strategic decisions including implementing capital reductions to increase shareholder value and intragroup reorganisation to structure a company more efficiently.

Keen investment in the day-to-day helps us to develop extensive knowledge of our clients’ businesses, inside and out. Whatever their next steps, we are ready to take them together.

From incorporating your new business or partnership to providing strategic advice on a shareholders agreement, our Toronto business lawyers advise on a wide range of important corporate matters that support the day-to-day operations of your business. Regardless of the direction your business may be headed in, we stand in your corner to ensure you obtain your desired outcomes and accomplish your goals.

Some of the Business Law services that we regularly offer to our clients include:

  1. Incorporation. With years of experience in corporate law, our business lawyers will guide you through the entire process of incorporating in Ontario or Canada. Whether starting out, seeking initial capital, gathering funding to grow or considering exit strategies, we’re equipped to provide cost-effective, expert legal advice – allowing you to focus on starting and growing their business on the right foot.
  2. Partnerships & Joint Ventures. Our advice is always practical, succinct and commercial. Understanding the risks, rewards and potential pitfalls of complex, high-value Partnerships or Joint Ventures is second nature to our business lawyers.
  3. Not For Profits. Highly attuned to our client’s needs for the very highest quality legal assistance tailored to budget-conscious, volunteer-governed, risk-averse non-profit organizations. We provide guidance on not for profit governance, complex transactional matters, and game-changing legislative campaigns.
  4. Share Structures. Corporate shares are extremely flexible tools if used correctly. A properly planned corporate share structure helps you take advantage of shares for everyday business needs. From employee compensation structures to third party investment, the right share structure can help accelerate your business forward.
  5. Shareholders Agreements. A shareholders agreement is a legal document typically drafted upon the formation of a new business that protects the shareholders of a company and outlines how the company is to be managed. From dispute mechanisms to exit strategies, we advise on shareholders agreements depending on the specific obligations relevant to each individual business. 
  6. Amalgamations. We regularly help our clients to implement innovative strategies across all types of industries.  Our involvement does not end with a successful amalgamation, we advise our clients throughout the lifecycle of the newly amalgamated business and on to their future growth.

To learn more about our individual Business Law practices, feel free to visit the specific practice area pages below.


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