Technology Law Handling The Most Complex Technology Matters And Technology Sector Mandates Requires Agility And Creativity.

As a business and technology law firm, what we do best is to help businesses find their way in the corporate world and make the most of their ideas and innovations. In short, we are business advisers with unique legal skills.

We commit to our clients that we are in this for the long term. Developing relationships and gaining an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses ensures that the advice we give is tailored to your needs.

Internet & E-Commerce

As a business and technology law firm, our goal is simple. To provide cutting-edge, technically excellent advice and commercially focused support on all of the legal aspects relating to the online sale and delivery of products and services. Our advice is always practical and recognises your primary need to deliver an excellent customer experience.

From leading high street brands to pure internet-only operators, we recognize that our clients’ online interface and digital offering is often their primary means of communication with consumers and so it is critical that it is representative of their brand.

We have wide ranging technical expertise covering contract law, consumer law, and software licensing. We also have extensive experience of advising many different types of internet-based businesses. This enables us to give advice which doesn’t start and finish with legal compliance. Our advice to internet businesses is also focused on being practical, commercially deliverable and cost effective.


Our cross-functional expertise in technology and financial services mirrors the qualities of those within the technology sector – innovative, creative and open to being challenged. From start-ups in the embryonic stages of growth to those leading the way in industry, as well as organizations at the helm of financial market infrastructure, we bring bright, fresh ideas.

To advise business owners on long-term strategies for success and profitability, you need to understand their businesses. At Hansra Law we take the time to do just that, and with our skill and precision we can help you in the creation and protection of your dynamic business assets. Our depth of knowledge of the markets and the players in those markets flows through to the advice we can offer to anyone operating in this sector. In other words, because we understand the eco-system within which you sit, we can advise you better.

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