Commercial Litigation Straightforward Thinking When The Stakes Are High.

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No matter how hard you try, business doesn’t always remain friendly. When you’re facing a dispute, our commercial litigation attorneys in Toronto offer solutions that help you take control of the narrative.

From the smallest dispute to the most complex corporate and commercial disputes, our commercial litigation attorneys in Toronto have the scale and breadth of experience to take on any commercial litigation dispute and, in partnership with you, resolve it successfully. 

As commercial litigation lawyers, we understand the importance of immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses. Our commercial litigation lawyers provide strategic advice to several industries.

Our clients come to us when the stakes are highest because we offer both technical excellence and business common sense. As part of a full-service business law firm, our Toronto commercial litigation attorneys draw upon the expertise of Hansra Law’s transactional and advisory practices. We do not operate in silos, and frequently collaborate with our strategic independent partners to serve your interests with our best minds. Our litigation lawyers ensure that the way we litigate is always forward-thinking and smart, allowing us to offer a seamless and tailored service in any jurisdiction in Canada.

Our commercial litigation attorneys are adept at handling the broadest range of commercial litigation, including:

  • contractual disputes between companies
  • claims arising from the acquisition or disposal of businesses
  • shareholder disputes
  • financial services disputes
  • public and product liability claims

Our commercial litigation lawyers are proud to offer, at every level, an agile team of entrepreneurial, bright and committed people to our commercial litigation clients.

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