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Our Services

We believe that lawyers should move with the times and utilize today’s available technologies to assist our clients with more speed, proficiency and accuracy – and above all else, at a lower cost as well.

The Good ol' fashioned

Custom Legal Services

Business and technology law is our expertise – from starting your first company to financing your growth to national expansion, our lawyers got all the bases covered!

like netflix, for law

Legal Subscription

Proactivity is the name of the game! We take care of all your business and legal needs for a flat monthly fee. We’ll review all your contracts, provide you with strategic legal advice, and protect you against pesky legal problems. Why wait until after a problem arises?

why complicate things?

Quick Start Contracts

Fill in the blanks and put it away! Our Quick Start Contracts are designed to be plug and play. Need to quickly set up that corporation? How about a shareholders agreement for that new investor? The possibilities are endless.