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Meet the Team In ever-changing markets, your success is underpinned by a robust legal team.

two business lawyers providing business advisory services

We're Not Just Lawyers - We're Business Advisors with Unique Legal Skills.

We take a 'business-first' approach to legal services by addressing the core business issue, process or procedure at the heart of your legal problem. We don't just deliver a fancy piece of paper - we help you rethink how your business operates from ground up and them work with you to implement those best practices.

As a 4x entrepreneur and experienced lawyer with a business background in restaurants, technology and AI, Sukhi designed the "business first, legal second" approach that we take towards helping our client's reach their personal, professional and financial goals - by using their business as a tool to their success.

Sukhi brings a practical, real world and grounded approach to helping our business clients build their business the right way and not just deliver a 'fancy piece of paper'.

Practice Areas

Corporate and commercial law, contracts, business sale and acquisition, start-up and growth, raising capital, franchising and technology

Aditya Dhingra

Associate Business Lawyer

As an experienced business and transactional lawyer with an unmatched attention to detail, Aditya ensures that absolutely nothing slips by our clients' hands while providing a comprehensive and tailored approach to our client's goals and priorities in their business.

Practice Areas

Corporate and commercial law, contracts, business sale and acquisition, start-up and growth, finance

Dina Moore

Corporate Law Clerk

Dina Moore brings over 15 years of experience in corporate law and database management from some of Ontario's top-tier law firms.  In addition to her professional experience, Dina holds a law clerk diploma from Fanshawe College as well as a certificate from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. Her eclectic mix of experience and education provides Dina with the ability to serve clients, regardless of the nature of the file.

Flavia Totoli

Office Manager

Meet Flavia, our Office Manager and the administrative goddess of the Firm. Flavia is a team player who is adept at organization, communication and problem solving and ensures all the trains are running on time, all the time!

Helya Bahmanpour

Client Coordinator

As Client Coordinator of the Firm, Helya ensures that every new client has a smooth transition into the firm and is constantly taken care of even after a client's matter has concluded. She's got a penchant for developing friendly relationships with our clients and is always there to assist them with any business or legal needs they may have.

Hansra Law We help business owners reduce uncertainty and rapidly grow their business

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About 20% of small businesses in Canada fail within their very first year. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the right business and legal guidance.