Want To Work Here? Your Success is Our Success - And Together, We Make a Dream Team in Support of a Greater Mission!

two business lawyers providing business advisory services

We're Not Just Lawyers - We're Business Advisors That Care!

We help ambitious and entrepreneurial business owners take their personal and professional goals and priorities and guide them through the process of bringing them to reality... It's more than just legal services.

Let's be upfront - we're not just looking for anyone here. If you don't resonate with our Mission or our Core Values below, then you might as well not apply because this is not the place for you.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs obtain freedom – both in their personal life and in their professional career – by helping them build the business that feeds their fire. The outcome of our services is not strictly based on the legal implications of a problem or opportunity that they are facing. Instead, we aim to provide a wholistic service that puts the business owner’s personal and professional life at the center of our service. 

We care about the broad stroke implications of any legal services that we provide, including how it will impact each individual involved, their families, their bottom line profitability, operational workflows and even their daily personal life. Our services are always  grounded in the real-world, practical implications of the REASON behind why our client’s need the service… Because hiring a lawyer for that piece of paper with mumbo jumbo on it will only serve them so much.

Sukhi Hansra, the founder of Hansra Law, is a four-time entrepreneur with experience starting and growing several innovative companies in various industries – from the hospitality and meal-prepping industry to legal technology and artificial intelligence.

Sukhi’s vision with Hansra Law is to give business owners what many entrepreneurs need, and what Sukhi himself needed back in 2012 when he started his first business – the business and legal guidance to take our client’s personal and professional goals and priorities to guide them through the process of bringing them to reality. 

Part of this process is educational in nature by helping our client’s learn how to make better, faster and more confident business decisions, which will help them grow into a better business owner/CEO. The other part is the EFFECT that having a successful business will have on their family, loved ones, employees and the customers that they serve.

You see… we thoroughly believe that there’s a lot of good that goes around from having a thriving business and it’s our goal to create a better way to achieve those goes and to share it with them

Our Core Values

  1. Value-Driven – Every person in this firm should deliver value at every touch point with a client. Likewise, every person in this firm should receive value from being a part of this firm – whether that is the stability of your work, the pay cheque to live the life you want to live, the personal and professional development that we heavily invest in, or the fulfilment you get from working in a positive environment that focuses on nothing more than to help the entrepreneurs of this world. We take every opportunity to create value, and to share that value with every person that comes into contact with this firm, and each and every member of this firm, regardless of whether you are a potential client with a matter that we can’t directly help with, a referral partner, business owner, etc.. Being “Value-Driven” requires some out-of-box thinking and ALWAYS looking for opportunities to make someone’s day just a little bit better! 

  2. Results/Goal Focused – We’re not like your traditional law firm and we have no intention of ever being that (I’m sure you heard that one before… but hear me out!) . Neither are we just your run-of-the-mill paper pushers. Innovation is overcoming the typical pain points of working with lawyers and coming up with new ways to work collaboratively with our clients. As a member of our Team, you’re just as responsible for keeping an eye out for ways to further improve! If you think that “value” is a completed contract, then think again. That piece of paper of mumbo jumbo means nothing to your clients – because it’s the RESULTS that they seek, not the piece of paper. We commit ourselves to diving deep into every matter, every transaction and every negotiation to figure out what that result is beneath the legal service and to deliver it to our clients. Our focus on RESULTS has led us to creating several unique packaged offerings that look beyond, for example, the closing of a client’s new business purchase.  Our job isn’t done when the papers are signed or the transaction is closed, and that’s why we don’t do none of that hourly rate B.S. either. We’re here to support them for the long-run, whether the issue is legal in nature or not, and that’s uncharted territory for most other law firms.

  1. Kaizen (Japanese for “change for the better” or “continuous improvement”) No process is ever perfect, and no system can ever be complete if you are aiming for perfection, but a central principal underpinning everything we do here is to strive for continuous improvement in pursuit of better. Better comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. And better can come from any number of people, whether they work in our firm directly or are clients with bright ideas for how we can do what we do differently. We strive at all levels to continuously improve our processes, our service delivery, and, most of all, the value that we deliver to our clients. Continuous improvement also means the continuous personal and professional development of each member of the team. We commit ourselves to continuous training and learning to be better at what we do, how we do it and who we are at our core. And I’m not just talking about CLEs and legal knowledge… personal development is about being a better YOU as a person than you were yesterday!

  1. Empowerment – A person standing at the top of the mountain basks in the beauty of the world below them, but they will never be able to see the beauty of the mountain from the perspective of a person standing at its foot. Each and every person in and around this ‘mountain’ must combine their perspectives and insights to truly understand and see how we can improve the mountain we made – the mountain being our firm. From the receptionist to paralegals to lawyers to the owner, each person is empowered with the ability to change the mountain/firm for the better for the benefit of each and every visitor/client that experiences the mountain from time to time. You have a voice and we empower you to use it in support of our mission!

  1. Kick Ass Service – We stand behind our work and we trust that our work will fit our client’s exact needs. It’s a bolt statement, but it’s one we can make because we take the time to understand our client’s goals and priorities – through and through – both personally and professionally. That’s why every client engagement starts with a thorough Strategy Meeting where we develop an Action Plan that we’ve specifically designed for that client based on where they are today in their life and where they want to be in the future. Sometimes we need to build an external team to reach that goal and other times we need to coach the client through a very deeply personal matter. None of this is outside the scope of being a trusted advisor to our clients!

  1. Trust and Integrity – Do you think Lionel Messi could’ve won all of those championships without having trust that his team will set him up for the big goal? What about when Messi dumps the ball to a mid fielder, who then takes decisive action to NOT give it back to Messi? It’s impossible to form a winning championship team without trust. Our clients need to trust us, our team needs to trust each other and we need to trust that our systems will produce a consistent, high-value experience for each client at each and every touch point. Without trust, the team cannot ensure that every other member of the team is committed to, or will contribute to, the ultimate goal of our firm. At this firm, we all win together and all lose together. While we all have each others backs, each team member must be willing to take personal responsibility for their role in the big picture.

Have We Peaked Your Interest Yet? Well Take a Look At Some Our Open Positions Below!

You like "talking shop" and can handle your own when it comes to providing strategic legal AND business advice to business owners. You back this up with a sickening attention to detail when drafting contracts, and you have a thorough knowledge of business transaction or franchise law. Your a team player through and through, and you will tattoo our core values on your back to show your commitment to us (I'm kidding about the last part). If this sounds anything like you, keep reading on!

This job is for you if:

  • You nerd out about business transactions or franchising
  • You love figuring out creative ways to help your clients grow their business
  • You’re comfortable advising clients and can hold your weight in negotiations
  • You want an actual work/life balance because billing 1,800+ hours is absolutely ridiculous
  • You appreciate working with clients that are grateful for you

Do you have experience supporting business or franchise lawyers with compliance and transactional needs? Do you enjoy speaking with clients and developing a friendly relationship with them? You're a team player and you're always keeping an eye out for how you can support your other team members. You have a sickening attention to detail when it comes to preparing and finalizing contracts and other documents. Oh, and wouldn't it be great if we balanced it all off with a great work/life mix?

This job is for you if:

  • You know the ins and outs of transactional legal work
  • You nerd out about business and franchising law
  • Your attention to detail is unrivaled and you take pride in your finished work
  • You enjoy speaking with and developing great relationships with clients and others alike
  • You want an actual work/life balance because billing 1,800+ hours is absolutely ridiculous
  • You appreciate working with clients and a team that is grateful for you

We're looking for a new "Director of First Impressions"! Are you that friend that everyone calls a chatterbox? Well you can chatter away all you want in this position because we're not just looking for a receptionist that fields calls into the firm - we need someone that can easily make a friendly connection with a smile, that likes to get to know people and dig deeper into their personal life, and is interested in hearing the good, the bad and the ugly in their day so that you can go out of your way to find a way to help them! You're a connector and perhaps even an empath, and you probably even got a larger than life personality!

This job is for you if:

  • People are your thing, and you love talking to people!
  • You’re ready to take calls and make calls – because kick-ass service means calling our clients even after their matter is done!
  • You’re a natural Connector that can  spot a client problem and quickly find a solution (whether it’s our firm that helps or one of our trusted referral partners).
  • You’re comfortable networking and you can do a 5-minute pitch in front of an audience of 10 – 15 people.
  • You know how to “sell” – which to us means “helping people make an educated choice that will further their personal and professional goals”. 
  • You have experience working in a law firm or legal setting