About Us We're not just lawyers. We are business and technology advisers with unique legal skills.

Our Commitment To You Helping Innovators Build the Business of Their Dreams

Most of what you’re going to be exposed to in our law firm is probably going to contradict most of the “conventional wisdom” you’ve ever heard about building a successful business. However, if you follow conventional wisdom you’re only going to produce conventional results. And neither of us wants that for you!

We’re committed to understanding the long-term goals and priorities in YOUR life, and not just your business, and to work with you as one of your team to turn your desires into achievements.

We are not just paper pushers – Whether you’re a large technology company or you just started a new business, we’ll help you remove uncertainties and rapidly grow your business into the national company of your dreams.

Our Difference

Our clients know that we treat their business as our business, their dispute as our dispute, their challenges as ours. They know that wherever in the world they or their ambitions lie, we will work as one of their team to get things done. And they know that we do so in a straight-talking, thoughtful and open way.

Defining the future also means having an impact on developments in corporate legal services. Hansra Law creates innovative solutions for our clients that adapt to our clients’ growth, no matter the size or stage of their business.

Who We Serve

Hansra Law is the go-to Toronto business and technology law firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises that have chosen Ontario and Canada as a stepping stone to their growth and success. Our clients include:

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Hansra Law We help business owners reduce uncertainty and rapidly grow their business

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About 20% of small businesses in Canada fail within their very first year. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the right business and legal guidance.