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About Us We're not just lawyers. We are business and technology advisers with unique legal skills.

Our Commitment To You A "Business First, Legal Second" Approach To Business Law Services
We Help Innovators and Job Creators Build the Business of Their Dreams

Why Does The World Need Another Business Law Firm?

Our mission is to challenge the status quo of what it means to be a traditional lawyer or business law firmWe do this by reinventing the core legal services that business owners need to ensure their personal, professional and financial success in business. 

This means thinking beyond just the delivery of a fancy piece of paper filled with legal ‘mumbo jumbo’ – because  quite frankly, contracts do absolutely nothing for you if your core issue lies in the lack of a thoughtful strategy, process or procedure in their business. We know that it’s your business at stake here, not words on a paper – so we focus on what matters the most… you and your business.

The business owner that is looking to grow their business by hiring a new employee will surely fail if they only have a bulletproof legal contract, but failed to take the time to learn how to hire an “A Player” and keep them accountable to some KPIs.

The business owner that is looking to incorporate a new corporation might benefit from a reduction in taxes paid. However, they are also done a disservice by their lawyer if they were not taught: the difference between salary and dividends; how to prevent partners from driving you out of business; and the best practices to maintain their tax advantage.

Hansra Law exists to protect, and advise, innovators and job creators, because we believe that when the business community thrives, so does our economy. And when the economy thrives, so does every client, employee, stakeholder and owner of those thriving businesses.

We take a 'business-first' approach to legal services by addressing the core business issue, process or procedure at the heart of your legal problem. We don't just deliver a fancy piece of paper - we help you rethink how your business operates from ground up and them work with you to implement those best practices.

Conventional Wisdom Leads to Conventional Results

Most of what you’re going to be exposed to in our law firm is probably going to contradict most of the “conventional wisdom” you’ve ever heard about when it comes to working with a business lawyer. However, if you follow conventional wisdom you’re only going to produce conventional results. And neither of us wants that for you!

We’re committed to understanding the long-term goals and priorities in YOUR life, and not just your business, and to work with you as one of your team to turn your desires into achievements. It’s built right into our process… in fact, give us a call right now and you’ll see for yourself how we approach things in a VERY different way.

We are not just paper pushers – Whether you’re a large company or you just started a new business, we’ll help you remove uncertainties and rapidly grow your business so you can get one step closer to what you’re looking for out of your business – whether that’s more time with your family, more money in your pockets or a larger-than-life reputation in your industry.

Our Vision: The "How" Behind the "Why"

The vision with Hansra Law is to give business owners what many entrepreneurs need, and what Sukhi himself needed back in 2012 – the legal and business guidance to take your goals and priorities (personally, professionally and financially) and guide you through the process of bringing them to reality.

Instead of just delivering a fancy piece of paper (which often does nothing on its own), we guide business owners through a comprehensive business solution to their core business problem – and we then solidify this solution into a contract to ensure the solution is legally binding.

This means business first and legal second… but not to say that the legal is not important. The mission of the firm is to successfully merge strategic business guidance alongside practical legal advice, so that you can be confident that your core business problem will not creep up to haunt you later down the road.

Reinventing legal services means first addressing the practical, real-world business implications of the legal services that we provide. This is built into each and every service that our law firm provides, with workshop-like engagements that are primarily focused on how business owners can revamp their core business strategies, processes and procedures. This is supported by ongoing guidance, advice and check-ins to ensure that our clients are always forging forward on their pathway to success.

You can’t build a million dollar business if you don’t think like a million dollar CEO – so our mission is to constantly guide our clients on this journey of personal and professional development – so that we can contribute to good in the world in our own unique way.

Who We Serve

Hansra Law is the go-to Toronto business and technology law firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises that have chosen Ontario and Canada as a stepping stone to their growth and success. Our clients include:

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Hansra Law We help business owners reduce uncertainty and rapidly grow their business

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About 20% of small businesses in Canada fail within their very first year. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the right business and legal guidance.